Welcome to the 2023 Australian Riichi Mahjong Open

We would love to invite you to the Australian Riichi Mahjong Open, which will be held in Sydney, Australia, over the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd 2023. Proudly hosted by the Australian Riichi Mahjong Association, ARMO is Australia's premier national riichi mahjong tournament, and is open to all contenders. Come join us in this two day event, where you will have the opportunity to meet and compete with players from all over the nation!

Registration is now closed!


That famous opera house and famous bridge, both sitting on that equally famous harbour. Beaches that are household names. One of the world’s best food and drink scenes. Incredibly rich culture, including the oldest continuous living culture on earth. Wildlife experiences. Stunning national parks. Sydney has it all – and then some.

The Australian Riichi Mahjong Open will be held at the Redfern Town Hall. This gentrified area in inner Sydney is the epitome of cool, full of creatives, cafes and cultural heritage. In Redfern and Waterloo, explore farmers markets and contemporary art spaces; picnic in the heritage-listed Redfern Park; and discover eclectic bars, street art and plenty of urban grit.


For directions via public transport you can use Google Maps, which will provide you with accurate directions to the venue. You will need an Opal card or credit/debit card to use Sydney's public transport, or if you have a phone with wireless payment capability, you can add an Opal card to your Apple or Google wallet instead.

By Train

From the Sydney CBD, you can take almost any train from Central or Town Hall stations, then alight at Redfern Station and walk 550m to the venue.

By Bus

From the Sydney CBD, you can catch the 320/343 bus along Elizabeth St, then alight at Elizabeth St/Redfern St and walk 350m to the venue.


There is parking on Pitt St and the surrounding streets just outside the venue.


Tournament Format

All players will play eight hanchan, and the player with the greatest total of points earned plus placement bonuses will be crowned the winner. There is no player cutoff. Each hanchan will be limited to 90 minutes of play - after 90 minutes, players must finish the current hand, record their scores, and summon a referee to check and sign the scoresheet before they may leave the table.

WRC Rules 2015/17 Edition

ARMO23 will utilise the 2015/17 edition of the World Riichi Championship ruleset - the first international ruleset to be certified for competition play by authorities in Japan, Europe and the Americas. Since its introduction at the first World Riichi Championship in 2014, the World Riichi Championship ruleset has been updated and improved year over year to be a definitive guide to riichi mahjong play. You can download a copy of the rules here ⇨

Standards of Conduct

All players are required to adhere the WRC Standards of Conduct at all times throughout the event. Failure to abide by these standards of conduct may be subject to penalty (including disqualification without refund and immediate expulsion from the venue) at the sole discretion of the tournament organisers. We are committed to building a safe and welcoming environment for all, and we operate a zero tolerance policy towards abuse, intimidation, or harassment of players or staff.

All players are also strongly encouraged to follow these gameplay guidelines during play. These guidelines have been devised to ensure that games proceed smoothly, and to protect the integrity of the game by preventing opportunities for cheating or collusion.


Winner: JI, Pipi

Rank Name State Score
1 JI, Pipi VIC 154.0
2 CHEE, Aaron VIC 134.6
3 HUI, Charles NSW 129.2
4 HE, Jaymond VIC 119.8
5 RANTAI, Joshua QLD 104.4
6 HASLEM, Ethan QLD 103.9
7 DINH, Kevin WA 99.1
8 TANG, Andrew VIC 92.6
9 FISK, Angus NSW 74.7
10 JIANG, Lai NSW 57.2
11 ZHANG, Han Yu NSW 55.4
12 WONG, Esther VIC 51.0
13 ARAFAH, Sam NSW 48.5
14 DIMENT, Ted SA 34.2
15 LU, Roger NSW 33.9
16 VETTIER, Dean VIC 30.7
17 HOANG, Nam Viet VIC 26.2
18 PENG, Sihan VIC 25.0
19 NEMOTO, Kosuke WA 18.3
20 FENG, Oscar NSW 17.2
21 BELL, Daniel SA 16.4
22 MIYAMOTO, Hiroya NSW 12.6
22 TEY, Josh VIC 12.6
24 SASAKI, Shikin WA 3.4
25 LI, Kin Wah Jason WA 3.3
26 HU, Haoqing VIC 1.8
27 LIM, Sokhun VIC -13.1
28 CHOI, Harrison VIC -17.0
29 NGO, Steven NSW -17.1
30 ZHOU, Ziqian NSW -21.6
31 STEPHENSON, Alec VIC -24.3
32 SEA, Jeremy NSW -25.3
33 PHAN, Charles VIC -34.6
34 CHEN, Leyi NSW -41.1
35 YU, Zhiqing VIC -47.9
36 TJAHYADI, Yoshi VIC -48.5
37 LESTER, Rupert QLD -63.9
38 ROSARIO, Felix WA -75.0
39 CHAN, Olivia NSW -78.6
40 WILSON, George QLD -91.7
41 HUANG, Harry VIC -92.0
42 ZHANG, Stefan VIC -96.5
43 LI, Yuncong WA -98.5
44 ZHANG, Daisy VIC -121.8
45 MONTENOT, David VIC -130.5
46 TCHIA, Jasper VIC -133.9
47 JURAC, Anthony NSW -146.5
48 OCCHIPINTI, Alex VIC -153.6